On-site Service

Yes we will travel to your home or business premises to do:

  • diagnostics

  • on-site repairs where possible

  • in-place upgrades

  • routine servicing

  • software upgrades

  • networking setup & diagnostics

  • 1-on-1 training and tuition

Generally it is going to be more economical if you can bring your machine to the workshop but we are happy to do what we can on-site.

On-site rates:

  1. Callout fee $85 – covers the first half hour taking into account return travel time from our workshop to your site. For example if you live 10 minutes travel from our workshop the callout fee would cover the travel (20 minutes return) plus 10 minutes on site.
  2. Hourly rate of $110 charged in 15 minute increments ($27.50)
  3. Plus cost of parts used
  4. Travel beyond 1/2 hour charged at $110 per hour in 5 minute increments ($9.15)