Apple Credit Scam

The bogus deal offers loyal Apple fans 100 AU$ credit to spend at any Australian Apple Store or online.
However, the catch is they must buy a $9 ‘discount card’ first and complete a form which asks personal users details (including name, credit card details and credit limit) before customers can avail of the “offer.”

The bogus offer sent by cybercriminals to “loyal Apple customers” in spam email sent from ‘’, complete with Apple‘s logo.


Here is the text of the above email:

“Dear Apple Customer,Apple is rewarding its long-term customers.

Your loyalty for our products made you eligible for buying an Apple Discount Card.

With this only 9 AU$ Discount Card you will have 100 AU$ credit at any Australian Apple Store or on .

To acquire your Apple Discount Card please download and complete the attached form.100 AU$ Credit Bonus

(You will receive your Apple Discount Card via e-mail in the following 24 hours after your payment has been made.)”

The spam mails were identified by Sophos Labs dated Sunday September 30.

However, it must be noted the fake deal has no association with Apple or its Store whatsoever.

“Users should never hand over such information. Just because an email is nicely formated and attractively presented with a friendly corporate logo and a too-good-to-be-true offer doesn’t mean that it should be trusted” warns security guru Graham Cluley, Sophos Labs.

It is not known how many Apple users in OZ were affected by the scam.