Repairs & Upgrades


(subject to the availability of parts)

Our experienced team will diagnose the problem and propose the most effective solution for your situation.

No hidden surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. If your job requires major work or expense we will always check with you first before proceeding.

Many of our jobs have a displayed expected price, given no unforseen circumstances, so you will often know an approximate cost before you leave the shop.

For example (as at 28/4/20208):

  1. a complete reformat and reinstall of Windows along with hardware drivers and backup & restore of data – maximum of $220
  2. thorough virus, malware and spyware removal (up to 8+ hrs work) – maximum of $166

Only genuine proven quality parts used unless you request 2nd hand parts where possible.

WB1tb SSD i9 Ryzen 7

Sometimes it is better to cut your losses and run. If we think this is the case we will advise you as such and explain why.

For example

  1. If your laptop is 4 or 5 years old and the hard drive fails you can expect a cost of somewhere between $280 to $400.  Diagnostics $60, new hard drive $95+, install operating system and drivers $150+, backup and restore data $60.  You may be better off considering a new laptop with entry level prices starting around $700-$800 these days.
  2. If the motherboard or CPU faults in your old computer it can be a major cost to repair the unit.  Particularly if the technology in your computer has been superceded.  New motherboard, CPU and RAM plus labour to change over the parts and update drivers will cost in excess of $500.  In this case it may be more cost effective to consider purchasing a  whole new, more up-to-date system for around $800 + $60 to transfer data.
  3. Your old computer running a little slowly.  It could be just the fact that the mechanical hard drive is beginning to slow down.  Before your hard drive dies completely talk to us about getting your hard drive cloned to a new hard drive or a much faster SSD.  Cost of cloning drive – $110.  Cost of hard drive depends on the desired capacity with a 1TB hard drive or a 240GB SSD starting at around $90-$100.