Password Security

World’s 25 Worst Passwords – Is Yours One of Them?
(Information taken from AVG website.)

SplashData recently revealed the 25 most-used passwords. Check them out below to make sure yours isn’t on the list!  If your password made this list, or is a close variation of any of the ones on there, we definitely recommend you change it now. Pronto!

The longer your password is, the more difficult it will be to crack. So instead of using a single word with a jumble of symbols, numbers and characters, try using a string of words instead. You could use a line of your favourite song or poem or perhaps even a memorable sentence. Feel free to add your lucky numbers at the end for good measure.

Something like: icomefromalanddownunder87

A famous ‘Men at Work’ lyric will always be easy to remember, and you may have been born in 1987. This means that suddenly you’ll have a 25 character password that’s hard for someone else to crack, but easy for you to remember. This is much better (and secure) than something like “Phu!R7tRjX”.

1. password 8. dragon 15. master 22. michael
2. 123456 9. 111111 16. 123123 23. ninja
3. 12345678 10. baseball 17. welcome 24. mustang
4. abc123 11. iloveyou 18. shadow 25. password1
5. qwerty 12. trustno1 19. ashley
6. monkey 13. 1234567 20. football
7. letmein 14. sunshine 21. jesus